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Organization issues

DEMO Microscopes from 17th-22nd of May

We are testing different microscopes to replace the Leica SPE2 “workhorse” that is having frequent technical failures and is heavily overbooked nowadays. Our aim is to increase the imaging capacity at the CCI by improving the workflow to do your imaging. We sent a mail with a request to give us samples you would like…

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Leica SPE2 40x HCX oil objective defect

The 40x oil on the Leica SPE-II CLSM showed severe chromatic aberration in Z for UV fluorescence. The objective is removed from the system and its aberration is being validated on another Leica machine in the UU campus. We probably need to repair or replace it. Our objectives are very costly and vulnerable, please handle…

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Walking directions during reboot of the CCI labs

Working on the Leica SPE2: Entry: General entrance AG East 1 st floor, direct right turn to access the Confocal room O.161, knock before entry and apply to the hygiene rules that are supplied. A second person can be present in the room yet distance of 1.5 m should be kept at all times. Exit:…

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Centre for Cell Imaging safety instructions during the SARS-CoV-2 crisis

The CCI is closed for all purposes with exception for people that need to finish essential experiments and the work performed on corona at the virology subdepartment. We are one week in this setting now and hope everybody is safe at home trying to get a workroutine. Great initiatives to learn microscopy related (and unrelated)…

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Update NIKON A1R upcoming

We are grateful to the Veterinary Faculty Utrecht to support an upgrade for the NIKON  A1R system. Many users will benefit from this upgrade since it will vastly improve confocal imaging speeds. The upgrade will be performed  around the last week of May 2019.

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Soledad appointed, Cryostate moved and supported by Judith in NG O.53

Soledad Ordoñez-Alvarez has been appointed for 2 days a week as a new staff member of the CCI. She specializes in instructing new users and adds expertise in image analyses to the CCI. Unfortunately, Rob Bleumink had to retire. Since we miss his expertise in cryosectioning (as for countless other issues), we moved the cryostate…

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BioImaging Winter meeting and Imaris Workshop

BioImaging Utrecht will have a winter meeting on Wednesday 21st of February  from 10:00 to 11:00. It will be followed by an IMARIS workshop at the Stratenum (MCR). Georgia Golfis will outline the program at 11:00 -12:30 (Rm STR3.108) and she will train groups to work with own datasets in the afternoon. The next day, Thursday the 22nd…

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Missing 3.5 cm dish holder for SPE-2 confocal

We are missing the 3.5 cm dish holder that allows clamping a 3.5 dish onto the galvano stage of the SPE-2 confocal. Please return if you used it, other people need to use it!! It should be stored in the left cabinet behind the SPE-2 above the freezer. 

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