CCI – Centre for Cell Imaging

Olympus /Evident Spin IXplore SoRa


-IX83 stand automated XYZ, MCL piezo fast Z (300 µm)

-SD Confocal / Wide field

-SoRa Enhanced resolution (link, OSR procesing algorithm)

-Live cell (heat, humidity, CO2 control)

-Spinning Disk (50 µm / 50 µm SoRa)

-High Content Imaging (ScanR, link) – –

– Freeware OlyVIA viewer to adjust and export images (link)


-Lasers (Coherent OBIS): 405, 445, 488, 515,561, 640 nm

-Lumencor SpectraX LED:

-ZDC focus control system

-2x Hamamatsu ORCA Fusion sCMOS camera (6.5 um pixel), 2304×2304, peak QE550nm 80%)