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DEMO Microscopes from 17th-22nd of May

We are testing different microscopes to replace the Leica SPE2 “workhorse” that is having frequent technical failures and is heavily overbooked nowadays. Our aim is to increase the imaging capacity at the CCI by improving the workflow to do your imaging. We sent a mail with a request to give us samples you would like…

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BioImaging Winter meeting and Imaris Workshop

BioImaging Utrecht will have a winter meeting on Wednesday 21st of February  from 10:00 to 11:00. It will be followed by an IMARIS workshop at the Stratenum (MCR). Georgia Golfis will outline the program at 11:00 -12:30 (Rm STR3.108) and she will train groups to work with own datasets in the afternoon. The next day, Thursday the 22nd…

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April 4: ImageJ Advanced workshop

The Bio-Imaging Utrecht community organizes an ImageJ/FIJI workshop for experienced users on Tuesday the 4th of April. Previous sessions were very well appreciated and they allow you to interact with experts in IJ coding. You can learn image analyses automation and the experts can help you find, tweak and apply the proper plugin(s) for you specific…

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OMX service has been performed, GUI bug workaround

The OMX has been serviced and new OTFs have been made. We recommend using these. A strange bug in the acquisition software causes the 405 nm laser line (1st channel) to present wrong values, i.e. intensity % of the laser in the drop-down list do not represent the actual values. The desktop background picture of…

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Update NIS elements and STORM module

Today, the NIS elements software on the NIKON A1R/STORM system has been updated to the newest version for the NIS suite (4.5) and the STORM module (4.1). In STORM,  Z stacking features, fiducial marker integration and sequential recordings on identical positions can be performed, potentially on regions in  live cells. In addtition, the 405 laser…

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Netstorage problem

We are experiencing problems with our netstorage. The central storage is currently not available so you will not be able to upload or download data. The data are secured and will be available again soon. Watch this blog for updates.  

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Matlab campus licence is available now

Matlab is now available as a campus licence. We installed the newest version of Matlab on our windows workstations (the NIS workstation, the Imaris Workstation and Richard’s PC). The IT department will inform you how to install MATLAB on your computer via its licence manager.

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Imaris 8 functional at the CCI

We now have a workstation that runs Imaris 8 (full licence) at the CCI. Experienced users are welcome to use it, it can be booked in the on-line reservation system. We will be trained by Imaris application specialists in the coming months to offer best support for this excellent image analysis package.

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