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OMX V4 blaze

Walking directions during reboot of the CCI labs

Working on the Leica SPE2: Entry: General entrance AG East 1 st floor, direct right turn to access the Confocal room O.161, knock before entry and apply to the hygiene rules that are supplied. A second person can be present in the room yet distance of 1.5 m should be kept at all times. Exit:…

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OMX service performed CAM4 currently not functional

The OMX has been serviced , the OTFs have been updated and saved as default for SIM reconstructions. A 10x objective is available now to perform tile scans for sample overviews. The 4th camera is non functional due to a power failure, repair parts are on order. So for now, the far red detection is…

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Joystick arrived for OMX V4

A newly developed joystick is installed on the OMX-V4, it allows navigating through a sample, mark and start acquisition/mosaic. It is a bit fast but with practice will help you find the best cells more efficiently. Few new features are implemented during the last service visit (for example: laser power tuning), ask CCI staff to…

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OMX service has been performed

The OMX system has been serviced and new OTFs have been generated. The current OTF set that is selected  in SoftWoRx should be used for reconstructions, do not change it!  

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April 4: ImageJ Advanced workshop

The Bio-Imaging Utrecht community organizes an ImageJ/FIJI workshop for experienced users on Tuesday the 4th of April. Previous sessions were very well appreciated and they allow you to interact with experts in IJ coding. You can learn image analyses automation and the experts can help you find, tweak and apply the proper plugin(s) for you specific…

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OMX service has been performed, GUI bug workaround

The OMX has been serviced and new OTFs have been made. We recommend using these. A strange bug in the acquisition software causes the 405 nm laser line (1st channel) to present wrong values, i.e. intensity % of the laser in the drop-down list do not represent the actual values. The desktop background picture of…

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OMX filter drawer error

On the OMX imaging system, channel alignment is repeatedly disturbed by incorrect placement of the automated filter drawer (which sets in every time at startup) . A GE scientist is coming to solve this issue (in the week of February the 29th). Until then the filter drawer will be fixed to the BGR position to maintain…

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