CCI – Centre for Cell Imaging


Quick reference (PDF) / NIS Elements 4.5  /  TIRF  / A1Rsi  (pdf’s available on  workstation and acquisition PC)  / Koehler alignment (PDF) / STORM procedures (PDF) / JOBS reference card (PDF)

Image Recording Units: 

  • A1R confocal scanning unit with spectral 32 PMT detector array (left port)
  • Andor iXon Ultra897 EM-CCD  camera for wide field/TIRF image recording (right port)

Special Add-ons:
– Diode lasers:

  • 405 nm (100 mW) Coherent Viotet Cube
  • 488 nm (200 mW) Saphire Blue Coherent
  • 561 nm (100 mW) Sapphire Yellow Coherent
  • 645 nm (300 mW) MPBC

– Lumencor Spectra X LED illumination for wide field imaging (fast wavelength changing in triggered mode via NIDAQ controller), experienced user manual is here.

  • 395/25 nm
  • 440/20 nm
  • 470/24 nm
  • 510/15 nm
  • 550/15 nm*
  • 575/25 nm*
  • 640/30 nm

(*) one mounted at a time, exchange for optimal excitation

-Tokai Hit table top imaging chamber
– Accurate Focus control (Mad City Labs piezo stage and internal Nikon stage control via PFS)
– A1R resonance scanner to perform CLSM imaging (512×512) up to 30 fps
– GaAs-PMT(2x) for CLSM imaging
– spectral detector unit for CLSM imaging

Software to open RAW (.ND2) files

– FUJI/IJ with the BIOLOCI Importer (see link)
– NIS elements viewer (link)

Recording forms:
– Different webforms provide possibilities to log settings and supply notes to a mail. Checklists are also supplied on this site.

-Live cell (TIRF / Wide field and CLSM)
-N/d/c-STORM superresolution

Available lenses:  

10xCFI PlanApo160.3DIC-L
20xCFI PlanFluor multi-immersion0.51-0.350.75DIC-M
40xPlanFluor ELWD3.7-2.70.6DIC-M
40xCFI PlanFluor oil-immersion0.21.3DIC
*60xPlanFluor ELWD2.1-1.50.7DIC-M
60xCFI PlanApo oil-immersion0.131.4DIC-H
*60xCFI PlanApo water-immersion0.221.2DIC-H
100xApochromat TIRF oil-immersion0.121.49DIC-H

*available but not standardly mounted (contact staff)

Excellent instructions to use NIS elements by Dr. Sylvie Le Guyader and Dr. Gabriela Imreh of the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden (link, 18:32 mins) and to learn the basics of image analysis in NIS elements (link, 27:19 mins).

Videos for Ti setup (mic stand), Kohler aligning and DIC alignment from NTC at the Carnegie Mellon University of Pittsburg.