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2 CH intensity measurement homogeneity in grid

Wubbo_Francesca ROS quantification-autogrid vs 7_2012_7_5.txt (5240)

Autogrid in ROI: measuring intensity distribution (Wubbolts 2012)

Developed to measure lipid droplet distribution within an oocyte (F.Lolicato/ R.Wubbolts)


Opens file, merges, asks to draw a ROI –around oocyte, makes a grid fitting the ROI of 100 pix squares, measures intensity means of 2 Channels, calculated ratio of means CH01/CH02, generates log file that collectively collects data over multiple images, the log can be copy-pasted into Excel.

Works on:

2 channel images, non-stack

Credits: Curtis Rueden / Wayne Rasband / RDD / Bioformats and FIJI development teams