CCI – Centre for Cell Imaging

3D printing

Microfluidic/Organ-on-a-Chip platform UU

Roos Masereeuw (Dept Farmacy) and Bart Gadella (Fac Vet Med) took the initiative to arrange a kick-off meeting for a consortium within the UU community to combine expertise on microfluidic device fabrication and developments in (combined) organ(s) on a chip. The FVM dean, Wouter Dhert  (who represents the joint life sciences faculties) gave a highly…

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3D printing at the CCI

A BCN3D Sigma printer is now stationed at the CCI. It is a dual color  (IDEX) 3D printer meant to manufacture (prototype) parts for the microscopes. Printing strategies and materials will be  tested in the coming period.

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