CCI – Centre for Cell Imaging

Leica Cryostat

Soledad appointed, Cryostate moved and supported by Judith in NG O.53

Soledad Ordoñez-Alvarez has been appointed for 2 days a week as a new staff member of the CCI. She specializes in instructing new users and adds expertise in image analyses to the CCI. Unfortunately, Rob Bleumink had to retire. Since we miss his expertise in cryosectioning (as for countless other issues), we moved the cryostate…

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Backup cryostat has been removed from the CCI

The backup Leica cryostat that had issues with the cooling unit could no longer be repaired and has been removed from the CCI. Fortunately, Rob had foreseen this and  arranged finances for a new cryostat last year. So cryostat work can still continue at the CCI but tighter planning is required when large series are going…

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