CCI – Centre for Cell Imaging

Hardware issues

DEMO Microscopes from 17th-22nd of May

We are testing different microscopes to replace the Leica SPE2 “workhorse” that is having frequent technical failures and is heavily overbooked nowadays. Our aim is to increase the imaging capacity at the CCI by improving the workflow to do your imaging. We sent a mail with a request to give us samples you would like to test (difficult ones work well as a stress test for the machines).

First we will have a NIKON system equipped with a spinning disk system from CRESTOPTICS (X-light V3) mounted on NIKON Ti2 stand and driven by the NIS elements software, likely a nice system to image gently and fast for live and thick samples. A large 25 mm FOV allows efficient covering of larger areas (nice for overviews and screening).

Although very different, the applicability is compared with a Leica Stellaris5, a single pointscanner that should allow imaging fast because of the improved HyD detectors, the flexible excitation and emission paths and the resonance scanning mode.

And in the beginning of June, Zeiss will also demonstrate a LSM900 with airy scan2 at our facility. We will try to image the samples on the different systems to compare workflows from sample mounting, navigation, acquisition to export and analyses.